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Ronald’s Tea Fans, Aficionados, and loyal Customers:

Update - August 27, 2009: We at Kirkway finally have very good news. We are nearing the end of the road for our new production of Ronald’s Tea Mix.

I just spoke with the packaging facility that will be packaging Ronald’s Tea now and hopefully far into the future. First and foremost I want to assure you that the formula that we are using has not changed and Ronald’s Tea mix will still be the same delicious taste and product that you have come to expect over the years.

We have however made some significant changes in the way we package Ronald’s Tea. This will allow us to package Ronald’s in a more efficient manner and produce smaller lots so our warehousing costs will be reduced. Smaller lots more often will ensure that we should never run out of Ronald’s again. This has been our goal since discovering that we needed to move our packaging to a new facility. I believe that we have achieved this goal.

I also want to announce the we have a new packaging available. We have developed this packaging in order to reduce the damage that we occasionally have happen during shipping. The added advantage will be that a case of Tea will have 20 Lbs of tea in the case as opposed to just over 18.5 lbs in a case of Cans. More Tea slightly lower cost. WOW. This new packaging will be in a 2 Lb foil pack. This package will be Re-sealable with a zip lock type closure.

In the next few days I will have new pricing and availability dates for both cans and Foils packs. Check back here on the official site for Ronald’s Tea Mix in the next few days. We are getting Very close.

In closing I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience and loyalty during this very long dry spell. I have talked to many of you by phone and your words of encouragement and support have meant more than you can possibly know. We will be back in production soon.

Hang in there.

Mr. Tea

"We have enjoyed Ronald's Teas for 20 years and this spring as it disappeared from our local Wenatchee stores we were struck by how much we enjoyed your tea. Delighted to have discovered the product on line! Thank you"
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