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Opening a Case of Ronald's Iced Tea Mix Opening a Case of Ronald's Iced Tea Mix

Ronald's Tea Customers speak out

My mom and I have enjoyed Ronald's tea for nearly 30 years...chatting and sipping during my trips home from college, getting engaged, married, children, etc. Mom has now gone on to her heavenly address and those "Ronald" moments are so very precious to me. This past year I was so sad to see Ronald's no longer on the shelves. I tried Safeway, Bartell's, Albertsons,etc. with no luck. I thought the tradition was over. Recently I was visiting my aunt in Sitka, Alaska and spied a Ronald's cannister on her shelf. It had to be over 5 years old but she gave it to me. I am sipping some now..the remaining of my precious Ronald's.

This morning I thought I would try to find you one more time on the internet. (I haven't had any luck in the past). THERE YOU ARE!!!! I cried. I know it sounds silly but those Ronald moments have been so precious to me..and now that mom is gone..... I've made a list of your available locations and am heading that way today. THANK YOU!!!!!

  - Barb T., October 30, 2006

Thank you so much for bringing Ronald's back -- and finally creating the website it deserves! I am your most devoted fan - I grew up on Ronald's and enjoy several every day. I'm even trying to convince the caterer at my wedding to serve it as a beverage.

I've never shared it with someone who didn't become an immediate fan. Unfortunately, only one store in my area carries it - the Brown and Cole chain. I've pestered my usual store (Haggen) all I can about it -- but apparently it's a distributor issue.

Those were a painful few months when Ronald's was off the shelf in all stores. :) Thank you!!

  - Megan L. , January 24, 2006

We have enjoyed Ronald's Teas for 20 years and this spring as it disappeared from our local Wenatchee stores we were struck by how much we enjoyed your tea. Delighted to have discovered the product on line! Thank you

  - Jane C. , August 16, 2005

I just picked up 2 cans of the tea mix Saturday, after mentioning it to the cashier just 3 or 4 days earlier. They are an AG store and respond to customers requests rather quickly. It's good to have it back in my cupboard again. I am finishing up some other "Off-brand" and I really appreciate Ronald's having natural ingredients. This other one has artficial color - yuk. Thanks for giving us back Ronald's Tea Mix.

  - Glenn , May 23, 2005

I am just finishing my last can. I had stocked up, not knowing I couldn't get more - It is the best - I will be checking with my local AG store - How about Safeway - they used to have it?

  - Glenn P. , May 13, 2005

Thank you so much for setting up ordering on-line. I have loved this tea for years but am having a hard time getting it lately. I can't wait to order! I was so excited to find your web site!

  - Linda S. , April 15, 2005

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